Adaptive Captcha Authentication

NuCaptcha Platform Features

SA large part of the NuCaptcha Security Platform is of course the security. We have innovated new security features, however as important as security is usability. Without usability you end up with a puzzle that neither human nor bot can solve.

NuCaptcha is human friendly. That is to say, it is very easy to use.

NuCaptcha also conforms to web standards. It uses a combination of JavaScript, HTML5, and Adobe Flash to ensure the user always has a high-quality experience. It's important to note that NuCaptcha will still function well without any of those technologies.

NuCaptcha is Easy to Use

All websites need to protect their content and their users from attack. The easiest, most effective method of protection is to add a Captcha to ensure the user performing an action is human. A critical concern when adding a Captcha is how it will impact legitimate users. Will it affect usability? Will it frustrate users? Will conversion rates be affected?

NuCaptcha is incredibly easy for legitimate users with a 97% success rate compared to only 80% or less on most other systems.

NuCaptcha is a layered security platform that protects websites from attack while presenting the user with a seamless, attractive, easy to use Captcha system.

Compare the Captchas on the right to see the difference for yourself.


Sample Static Captchas

HTML5 and Mobile Support

Supporting up-to-date web standards is important. That's why NuCaptcha supports HTML5 video tags on select platforms.

When a NuCaptcha is shown, it determines the capabilities of the web browser and displays the best possible format.

In some cases that's using an HTML5 video tag. In other cases it uses Adobe Flash. If neither HTML5 nor Flash are available it will display as an animated GIF.

JavaScript is not required to display NuCaptcha. The user will still have a seamless experience if JavaScript is disabled.

NuCaptcha works on all moderns browsers.

Cross Device

Cross Browser