Adaptive Captcha Authentication


Adaptive Captcha Authentication

NuCaptcha is the next generation of Captcha security specifically designed to allow authenticated humans to pass quickly and easily while adjusting to a higher level of captcha security when a risk is detected.

NuCaptcha uses measure indicators to identify suspicious activity and adjusts to present a varied captcha in real time. With other Captcha providers, either they are either too easy for OCR software to solve and you suffer from malware attacks, or they are too hard and your users are frustrated and leave. NuCaptcha is designed for high usability and high security:


  • Completion times under 5 seconds and nearly 100% human pass rates.
  • Highest security “Captcha” authentication service on the market.
  • Uses the NuCaptcha entire cloud network to monitor activity worldwide.
  • Many use cases, ie, new accounts sign up, authentications, passwords, etc.
  • Dual behavior analysis both on page and platform wide.

NuCaptcha Enterprise gives you

  • Custom proxy ability
  • Internal NuCaptcha RBA can integrate into third party RBA (ie. RSA or other)
  • Activity reports including suspicious and/or high risk activity
  • Full internal RBA control (ie, geo targeting or other)
  • SLA 99.9%
  • HTTPS domain
  • Dedicated 24 hour email/phone support
  • Multiple Platform Support
  • Quick and Easy Implementation
  • Saas Delivery worldwide over multiple redundant Data Centers
  • Optimized Mobile and Language support