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  • 7 Trends for Online Video Advertising Engagement

    Posted by (Evan Adlman) on 
    Tuesday, March 15, 2011
    As our NuCaptcha Engage product implies, we specialize in video advertising engagement. So it was very timely that eMarketer recently produced a very informative article on the 7 Trends of Video Advertising Engagement. The report will be pricey ($695) for most, so we have highlighted the 7 trends for you:

    Trend 1:
    Video ad metrics indicate engagement
    User interaction ranks as the most important factor.

    Trend 2:
    Website choices help boost engagement
    Brands should diversify where they place their online video ads as Youtube is good for views but is not the best for engagement.

    Trend 3:
    Ad targeting influences engagement
    Brands used to go to ad networks because of the “reach” they provided, however targeting capability is now more important.

    Trend 4:
    Branded content can extend engagement, but longer ads do the opposite
    A long ad such as a pre-roll might increase “time spent watching” but it annoys viewers and they may tune out.

    Trend 5:
    Control contributes to engagement
    Users become more engaged when they feel they have more control over the ad (ie. Pausing, stopping, choosing the ad).

    Trend 6:
    Viral videos engage consumers
    Because it comes from your peers through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, you are more engaged with it.

    Trend 7:
    Video and social media together can generate higher engagement
    Video drives social interaction from consumers and then that interaction can help further video marketing efforts.

    We’re glad that NuCaptcha Engage has high user interaction, can specifically target consumers, is only 8-15 seconds long, and provides brands a new, effective video ad unit.

    For a more in-depth review, we suggest you check out Reelseo’s 3 part summary (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). They did a great job.

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